How Does Discord Make Money | Discord Business Model

Every day more and more people are entering the world of gaming. With dozens of new games coming out every day on different gaming platforms, there is a choice for every flavor.

And from here what is a better game based business model than a one which connects these gamers, lets them have a voice chat while playing, and helps them make communities and interact.

Today’s article is about software that gives the opportunity of connecting gamers around the world on a free cross-platform chat application.

What is Discord?

Discord is a text, voice and video chat application dedicated to gamers around the globe. The primary function of this application is connecting gamers around the world and give them the chance to communicate with each other in different ways like video or text chat. Of course one of the most important things is to provide this without any lags and problems.

How to connect? Every active user on Discord can create a niche (game) specific server that can be joined by other players. The admin hosts (admins) can control everything that is written and posted on the server. It is important to mention that Discord is not dedicated only for the gamers, it is also used for communication on different topics like art, music, marketing…

How Discord Makes Money

Started like a voice over internet protocol (VoIP), this side-project created by Jason Citron in 2012, today is making $5.1 million estimated revenue annually.

So, what are the channels that are bringing money to the company?

The app is coming as a free version, but it is better to say that it is a freemium app. The core functions are free to use, but if you want some premium features you need to pay. In these premium features, you can find sticker packs, sound packs, avatars, emojis. All of them are making only a visual impact on your profile, you do not have any additional privileges.

Another way of getting money is through the merchandise. Discord merchandise store offers a variety of branded apparel like t-shirt, hoodies, hats, sweatshirts.

And at last, the biggest income is coming from their paid option named Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro launched its subscription plan at a rate of $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year, but today the prices are bit higher and a monthly subscription costs $9.99 and for an annually use of Discord Nitro the price is $99.99.

The perks you are getting for using Discord Nitro are:

  • Custom Discord Tab (You can choose your tag while you are subscribed)
  • Animated avatars and emojis
  • Higher Quality Videos (game screen share at 720p with 60fps or 1080p with 30fps)
  • Global Custom Emojis
  • Upgraded Upload Limit
  • Server Boosting


These are only a part of the ways that Discord is getting the money, it is notable to mention that they have their own store where you can buy games. Starting from 2019 they give the option to the developer to set up their own store into a server where they can sale their own game. The split of the profit is 90/10. A fair deal which is bringing more and more developers to provide and upload their games in the Discord stores.

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