Who Is A Manager And Why Is He Important For The Company

Who is a manager?

It is easy to make a difference between a manager and a worker in one company, but what is the definition for a manager? The manager is someone who is pointing the effort of other people into finishing the company goals. The manager needs to create a plan for future activities, he needs to create an organization that will provide an efficient finish of the jobs, coordinate the activities and motivate the workers for effective usage of their labor in accomplishing the company goals.

The company manager needs to anticipate the problems and make a growth plan. He is not working only on his activities, one of the most important roles is providing help to the other employers. He needs to coordinate the work by sectors and pay attention to every employer separately. If he thinks that one of the sectors is not working well then he can call for help from different sectors or ask for some outsourcing teams that can help there. Basically, this is some of the roles of the manager and some of the definitions for this valuable member of one organization. But there is one more important question that is showing.

The most important question that is asked in the working of one company in a modern, turbulent and insecure environment is: Why the company need a manager and why he is so important? There are multiple reasons that are giving the answer to this question and in this article, we are covering the ones that are most important.

Intense, complex and insecure environment

The first reason why companies need managers is that the companies more than ever before are in an intense, complex and insecure environment, and in a situation like this the knowledge of the managers is very crucial. Today all of the companies are facing a lot of challenges like climate change, new modern technology, an increase in globalization and even more. Managers have a very important role in identifying these crucial questions and preparing the answers for all of them.

Executing the job

The second reason why the managers are important in one company is that they are crucial for finishing the job. If the job is not finished or it is not finished like it suppose to be then the manager is the person that needs to find out what is the problem, what is stopping the process and he needs to find a solution for the problem.

Managers are important in settling down quality relations between the workers in the company. If they secure a happy and satisfied workers that will lead to improving the financial results of the company.

All the other activities

Here is a list of all the other activities that make the manager one of the most important parts of every company:

  • Adapting the organization to the changing environment
  • Operating the organization according to the statute
  • Efficient production of products and services
  • Planning the development of the organization
  • Creating a competitive advantage in the international market
  • Satisfying the interests of the Stakeholders
  • Solving potential problems

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